Shiny SheetZ Genesis 3 Male(s)

Shiny SheetZ Genesis 3 Male(s)


"Shiny SheetZ Genesis 3 Male(s)" is a combination of 15 carefully hand crafted, manly artistic poses and 15 very high-res morphing SheetZ props. Every pose has it's own designed Shiny SheetZ prop, they come in widely varying shapes, with thirtysix different shape and drape morphs each, nine for every supported character.

Shiny SheetZ support Michael 7, Darius 7, The Ivan 7 and Lee 7.

A specialty of the Shiny SheetZ is that they have a front and a backside that can use textures or shaders independently.

22 Shiny SheetZ Iray Material Presets are provided as well as 22 Iray Shader Presets. These are compatible and can be used with Shiny SheetZ Genesis 3 Female(s).

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